About Simplicity to Health

Enjoy optimal living

Maintain Perfect Health​

We serve our Creator, by pursuing the ultimate state of health for each individual, educating and motivating clients to maintain their perfect health whilst enjoying optimal living, and we strive to continue educational and research initiatives to promote the provision of healthcare to all.

Our Method

Balancing your System’s Imbalances

The basic method that we work on is the aim to relieve suffering, balance the body and the quest in preventing imbalances. The treatments work effectively for males, females, for adults, children and babies, and yes, animals too. The starting point can be with a deep acting treatment on the body, over both the short and the long term, and, like in Homeopathy, I would like to say that the treatment is based on the same natural principle of “like balances like”, in other words, the substances which causes the imbalance, can also balance the body.

The technology that we use shows the technician where the weaknesses are and the individual’s body then selects what is needed to balance the imbalances.

Because this technology deals with functional evaluation, it is possible to observe stressed or weakened body status and take measures to strengthen and support the client’s return to a healthier state.

Most of the technology currently used in the medical field is designed to define the parameters of disease. The frustration with this is that many people are not healthy, but they do not have a disease process. Utilization of this technology complements all healing modalities and can give indications of cause and effect along with that which supports health and balanced energy, rather than a diagnosis of symptoms.